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Her son, David Rieff, later wrote of how her refusal of the immanence of death led to a terrible, incredulous scream – "this means I'm going to die! Pastor Wilson responded that when he heard the news he prayed for three things: that I would fight off the disease, that I would make myself right with eternity, and that the process would bring the two of us back into contact. And although we might be able to triumph over a personal struggle, emerging stronger than ever before, that’s not necessarily the case with cancer. The first seven chapters are, like virtually everything he wrote over his long, distinguished career, diamond-hard and brilliant.

By turns personal and philosophical, Hitchens embraces the full panoply of human emotions as cancer invades his body and compels him to grapple with the enigma of death. And eventually, between the treatments and the degenerative nature of his illness, he lost the ability to speak. He offers a hilarious account in dialogue form of a woman coming to get a copy of his memoirs signed – he is on a book tour in the middle of all the treatment – and telling him about a friend with cancer who died an agonising death. He tried to help others grow more comfortable with the idea as well by being honest and telling jokes that put people at ease. We’re so accustomed to enjoying our ability to talk that we never imagine what life would be like without our voices.These things may include your taste buds, your ability to concentrate, your ability to digest, and the hair on your head. The whole cave of my chest and thorax seemed to have been hollowed out and then refilled with slow-​drying cement.

As he dealt with fatigue and nausea, with the anger, disgust and frustration that must accompany what he knew was a death sentence, Hitch poured it all into words as painfully honest as they were hilarious. The night of the terrible morning, I was supposed to go on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and then appear at a sold-out event at the 92nd Street Y, on the Upper East Side, in conversation with Salman Rushdie. Pat Archbold, at the National Catholic Register, and Deacon Greg Kandra were among the Roman Catholics who thought me a worthy object of prayer. One such gesture was the physician's plunging of fingers into the neck to gauge whether a cancer had spread into the lymph nodes, but others were more subtle, including the hushed tones and reverences that came with the business. From inspirational autobiographical recounts and reflective personal essays, to perception-shifting fiction; we’ve curated seven of the most moving, insightful and uplifting books on grief, loss and mortality.It is, however, sobering and grief-inducing to read this brave and harrowing account of his "year of living dyingly" in the grip of the alien that succeeded where none of his debate opponents had in bringing him down. In one way, I suppose, I have been “in denial” for some time, knowingly burning the candle at both ends and finding that it often gives a lovely light. And its original base of operations was located—had been located for quite some time—in my esophagus. Like virtually everything he wrote over his long, distinguished career, diamond-hard and brilliant . It's the wry trace of self-knowledge at the end of that rhetorical triad (the pleasure he might have taken in the fall of his enemies he must now grant to them) that breaks the spell.

He never cancelled any engagements for the fear of letting people down and pursued to spread the truth even when a metastasised, “blind, emotionless alien” was eating him up from within.Hitchens's powerful voice compels us to consider carefully the small measures by which we live every day and to cherish them.

Once a person is diagnosed with cancer, his only hope of survival is to get quality treatment, and fast.

I've read most of Hitchens books, and following his career from the mid nineties, and I love his writing style. Almost all men get cancer of the prostate if they live long enough: It’s an undignified thing but quite evenly distributed among saints and sinners, believers and unbelievers. Even as he lay--or sat or paced--dying in the unfamiliar confines of a hospital last year, the author had plenty to say about matters of life and death. Of course my book hit the bestseller list on the day that I received the grimmest of news bulletins, and for that matter the last flight I took as a healthy-feeling person (to a fine, big audience at the Chicago Book Fair) was the one that made me a million-miler on United Airlines, with a lifetime of free upgrades to look forward to.

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