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Spider-Man: Fake Red

Spider-Man: Fake Red

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The premise is an average teen (who rock climbs, so maybe not THAT average) happens upon Spidey's suit and dons it, with the predictable results. He idolizes Spider-Man while he rock climbs, and when he leaves the gym he likes a picture of Spider-Man on his phone. All in all, this is a MUCH better Spider-Man story then the current Amazing Spider-Man run, even though this doesn't even feature the real Spider-Man much. An awkward teenager puts on Spider-Man’s suit, but quickly learns being a hero isn’t all photo ops and social media likes.

Spider-Man: Fake Red has great artwork, which includes well-drawn action sequences, and is filled with plenty of easter eggs that fans of Marvel will be quick to catch! Spider-Man: Fake Red is a manga based on Marvel's most iconic hero, the "one and only" Spider-Man, serialized between July 2019 and March 2020.There's a lot of cameos and Easter eggs, the characters are fun, and the more time I spend with it the more I can tell you this manga was a labor of love. Yu Onomae is introduced as he leaves his home while his father tells him is going to be late if he doesn't hurry. Yu, our main character discovers Spiderman's actual suit near a dumpster and ends up using a his bouldering skills to fill in for the absent Peter Parker, all the while questioning his worth both in this suit and outside of it. The bullies leave and Toby walks out, Yu attempts to apologize to Toby feeling guilty for not attempting to help him. The Spider-Verse movies explore a similar idea of: everyone can wear the mask, what counts is how you wear it.

There were a few areas where I was confused, but when I pointed them out to more seasoned manga readers, the areas of confusion made more sense. This confidence naturally also spills over into his personal life and he sheds some of his social awkwardness, making a good friend for apparently the first time in his adolescence. Unsure that the real spidy can help anyone without his suit, Yu makes a choice that’ll change him in more ways than one. That is one of the important things people liked about the hero that Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created is that anyone could be Spider-Man.An awkward teenager puts on Spider-Man’s suit, but quickly learns being a hero isn’t all photo ops and social media likes. Despite the risks to himself, Yu is driven to continually masquerading as the real Spider-Man because he feels it's what Spidey would do in his shoes. Overall this was an enjoyable read, and like the author, I hope it's given a chance to continue as a series. We start off with a very tired, defeated, sad looking Spiderman, dropping and throwing away his suit in an alley. One day however, he finds a well-made Spider-Man outfit thrown into the trash, and decides to take it home with him to mess around with.

Spider-Man helps the old lady pick up her dropped groceries, and swings off as nearby civilians praise him. Yusuke weaves a complicated web in which you have so many questions, you NEED to read the book until you find them out. Still, with the real Spider-Man nowhere to be found, the city needs someone to save it… (simonandschuster, n,d). Naturally as a teenager he tries it on, goes outside and starts posing and taking pictures of himself only to hear someone screaming for help. Ordinary High-School Student: Yu has no superpowers and no business trying to emulate Spider-Man, but does so after being mistaken for the real thing because it's what Spidey would do.This is a Prime example that Peter/Spider-man is a great character and not a loser or a joke he is portrayed to be in the current main Spider-man book. Yu is an awkward loner who has self-doubt and finds himself in over his head a lot, but tries his best to do the right thing and save lives despite the personal cost and disruption it causes in his own life. The criminals try to speed up their car, and are in the process of hitting an old lady crossing the street.

Given this was a discontinued series though I’m sure that was an impacting factor on what was allowed to be explored and I’m sure Marvel gave Yusuke Osawa so many caveats when clearing this that there is where it probably suffered. But when he finds Spidey's suit abandoned in an alley, he winds up taking up the mantle while Spiderman is among the missing. I was surprised by how the heartfelt nature of Spider-Man: Fake Red had really affected me by the conclusion, but I think it perfectly drove home that while our teen years can often be problematic, within us lies a certain quiet potential for achieving the unexpected or even heroic given the right circumstance. And even though the series got cancelled, as far as I’m concerned, I desperately hope the story will continue some day.This is a fun and interesting take on both what it means to be Spider-Man but also how inspiring a character he is. I’m not a manga reader and it’s not my usual type of read, but I’m a Spider-Man girly and couldn’t resist giving it a go! Silk makes a surprising appearance, so if you're a fan of her character you'll be thrilled to see her. He puts the costume on and pretends to be the Wall Crawler until he comes face-to-face with the responsibility and the power that Spider-Man carries.

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